Seas of Words – A Welcome

Welcome to Seas of Words.

This blog is mainly intended as a space for me to contain watery thoughts that flow out of my thesis but that go beyond its bounds. I hope it will also act as an encouragement for me to have those thoughts and spend time with them when I can. It will include reviews of books that have water – whether by intention or accident – as their subject. It may eventually include notes on new publications, films, exhibitions and conferences of interest. Its main focus will probably emerge as the blog’s life continues; I’m not tied to it going in one particular direction.

My own work is on water in Israeli and Palestinian literature. You can read more about it here if you are interested. I expect that some of my approach if not my specific content will come across in this blog.

If you have stumbled across this and want to comment, share reading recommendations, or ask for them, what can I say but perhaps the inevitable – step on in, the water’s lovely.


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